"I will end up dust, I'm in heaven"

I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but one of my enduring 90's guilty pleasures is being a fan of Depeche Mode. Go ahead, have your laugh. For those of who don't know them, they've been around since the early 80's and are known for their electronic-alternative-new wave-synthpop sound. I've been a fan since their 1993 release Songs of Faith and Devotion. They are not a Christian group, nor are any of their members religious, but their writing certainly has spiritual overtones and uses religious imagery.

They were recently on NPR talking about their new album and performed a small set in the NPR studio. Below is a video taken from that session, of their new single Heaven (man they're getting old!). During this season of Lent, this song is particularly poignant for me as I reach the end of my seminary studies and await assignment and hopefully a call to an ELCA congregation. For me, the song highlights the sacrifice of entering the ministry, especially for an introvert like myself, as well as the heavy responsibility associated with it.

Sometimes I slide away
I slowly lose myself
Over and over
Take comfort in my skin
Surrender to my will
Forever and ever

I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I'm in heaven

I stand in golden rays
I burn a fire of love
Over and over
Reflecting endless light
I have embraced the flame
Forever and ever

I will scream the word
Jump into the void
I will guide the herd
Up to heaven

Heaven, written by Martin L. Gore


  1. I love your post....DM inspire love new sensetions and spirituality....I'm from Rome and I wish to say all I want to say to you but I can't....I only wish you to burn in the fire of His love and to be able to guide your world in Heaven with joy.

  2. Thank you for your overseas reply! And thank you for your kind words. Feel free to reply in Italian and we can let Google translate it!