Where does YOUR God dwell?

I saw this on Facebook recently. Once I was able to control my gag reflex, I convinced myself to calm down before I wrote this blog entry.  To be fair, I naturally find these kind of syrupy faith memes to be...well, nauseating. Messages like these have just never been helpful for my faith.

That being said, the rotten theology here must be addressed, not because it is simply a pet peeve of mine, but because it can be found everywhere, and it stinks to high heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment, and I'm sure it could be applicable to some depending on where they are on their faith walk or situation. However, the God that I have come to know does indeed dwell in gloom and melancholy. If God didn't, there would be times in my life when I would have been utterly alone.  And if that had happened too many times, I would have stepped off my faith walk, never to return.

I get it, sometimes even us faith walkers need to be told to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, hell, sometimes I find God in the darkness to do just that for me. But sometimes...sometimes I have found myself sitting in "gloom and melancholy", only to find God sitting there with me, without a word. And when I am bold enough to look at God's face, I see the same expression that I have on my own face, and that's when I know God is experiencing the same thing I am...right along with me.

Does God only live in the gloom, of course not. But wherever we are, there God is also, and wherever God is, God immerses himself.

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  1. Thanks, Ron for your words of truth and hope. I, too, have found this to be true. I must say, however, that sometimes I mourn the fact that we are often tempted only to turn to God in the difficult times and not the joyful, happy times. All about recognizing that "wherever we are, there God is also, and wherever God is, God immerses himself."