What if there were no bees?

In his book Faith Seeking Understanding, Daniel Migliore writes about The Good Creation and our place in it by stating that "You and I are not necessary. We are creatures who exist at the pleasure of our creator. As contingent beings, our existence is precarious." If I'm honest, when I first read this, I was insulted. Not necessary? How absurd! Humans are certainly necessary for...

I don't think I ever did finish that sentence.

This got me thinking about bugs.  I've always liked bugs. It would have only taken a small turn in my life's path for me to have become a Grissom (CSI reference). I've always been fascinated by the dependence the world has on such seemingly lowly and vilified creatures such as spiders and bees. Bee Movie did great job articulating this to young and old alike. Here is a short clip from that movie that illustrates what life might be like without bees (or if they just stopped working).

I think it's safe to say that we would miss bees.  There absence would be felt on many different levels in our existence. So this begs the question,

Would we be missed?

If we were to somehow be erased from this planet, would there be a plethora of negative consequences like the absence of bees would create? What positive contribution to the planet are we making? For ages upon ages we have been taught that we were the center of creation.

Were we taught a lie?

If it's a lie, it's a good one! It's an attractive one. I'd love to believe that I am part of the center of all things, that in all of God's creation, I am somehow on a large pedestal with the rest of humanity. It's a beautiful thought.

Is it a lie?

The way in which we answer this question could have great, or grave, ramifications.

Along with being a great song, this music video from 30 Seconds to Mars is very thought provoking. (I highly recommend you click on the YouTube button at the bottom of the video and then watch it in HD as there is some gorgeous camerawork!) How do you react to the notion of A Beautiful Lie?

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  1. What an interesting thought to ponder! Thank you for bringing it up.